START: Help is here to unmute your creative voice and rewrite your reality.

Hello. I’m Toni Greathouse, artist-in-residence at the University of St. Francis Innovation Center on Route 66 in the heart of Joliet, Illinois. For nearly 30 years, I’ve drawn on, pun-intended, creativity as a renewable energy source. This mindset has empowered me to design a life I love so much… that I married it!  

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I preach what I’ve practiced for half of my life. I offer guidance that equips creatives with skills to organize their minds and cut through cognitive clutter. The result illuminates paths to progress beyond the shadows cast by doubt.


READ: Rearview on the Road Least Traveled

Join me in traveling the high road. It unfolds via a purpose-driven journey that incrementally improves your quality of life. I teach creatives to recalibrate their inner compass to point toward their north star.

CLASSES: How to Get Clear in a Year

STOP: Waiting for permission to move. Follow in my footsteps. Get unstuck. Gain traction. Incrementally improve with each step.


LEARN: How To Rewrite Your Reality

The grant-funded adult education curriculum was developed [circa 2023-2024] via a business accelerator program. The University of St. Francis Communications Department facilitated operations on its main campus in Joliet, Illinois.

I launched TONI’s THINK TANK to help like-minded creatives scale courage-building skills, tap personal proactivity, and unleash pent-up creativity potential so that they can finally pursue their passion as a profession.

ABOUT: Why I’m compelled to help.

It’s never too late to jump-start your internal engine. Follow in my footsteps to gain traction. For the record, I speak from the experience of doing. I’ve repeatedly ventured into uncharted territory to blaze unconventional entrepreneurial trails.

STOP: Wasting time painting yourself into a corner. Life is a canvas. You hold the brush. It’s time to create or display your masterpiece.

Peruse the pages of this site for evidence of my expertise as a self-employed artist. WATCH how I’ve walked my talk through the lens of a feature by NBC/Universal.